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Lots going on with events and visitors to the bookshop. Not to mention plans for next year, markets and fairs, author events, live music and much more. Keep looking in to find out about everything that is happening in the bookshop in the middle of nowhere.

Out of the loop24th January 2015

It is amazing how quickly one starts to feel out of the loop when one has been out of the bookshop for a few days. Last week a combination of the way that days off fell, a brief cold and a funeral, meant that I only spent a few days in the shop from Monday to Friday.

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If only we were all Charlie10th January 2015

Sitting on the sofa watching the pictures from Paris, we were moved to tears, both by the scenes at the Charlie Hebdo offices, and by the spontaneous outpouring of grief and support in the Place de la Republique and elsewhere. Many of the people who turned out had copied the 'Je Suis Charlie' signs, that were also posted on the Charlie Hebdo website.

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12 Steps to Moving to the Country6th January 2015

At the weekend the Telegraph had a long article on how many people are considering moving to the country. Judging by conversations with customers who come into the bookshop this may well be true, but there are a number of important things to bear in mind before making the move. Hence the Aardvark 12-step programme to becoming a country dweller!

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