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Lots going on with events and visitors to the bookshop. Not to mention plans for next year, markets and fairs, author events, live music and much more. Keep looking in to find out about everything that is happening in the bookshop in the middle of nowhere.

Busy week at Aardvark Books!28th January 2017

I got two words in to writing a blog yesterday, when I was needed by a customer and I didn't get back to it before the end of the day. It kind of demonstrated that the title at least was not inaccurate. We have had a busy week this week, both in the shop and online, but also with planning for our many events of 2017.

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Hope21st January 2017

The last few days have been difficult ones for those of us of a generally optimistic disposition. It is very hard to assert one's Pooh-ish good nature, when others are exploring their inner Eeyore, and the newspapers are filled with articles painting the future in the blackest of colours.

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Bright clear morning, and exciting events to come14th January 2017

A nice bright morning here in Brampton Bryan, after a number of cold and windy days. Here down in the river valley we only had a smattering of snow which did not last, but customers yesterday were telling me that in the hills around Ludlow, the tops were still white. As I was writing to an American customer yesterday who has ordered some books pending their moving here for six months, we have become so unused to bad winter weather here, that it has a completely paralysing effect.

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New Year 20177th January 2017

I can't believe that we are already a week into 201, and  it has begun to  feel as if Christmas never happened. So many things happening in 2017 at Aardvark, and they will almost all be included in our brochure which is due out at the end of the month. Obviously the principle highlight will be the latest outing of the Aardvark Re-enactment on the 12th and 13th of August, but there is also a wonderful programme of exhibitions, markets, music events and much more.

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