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Lots going on with events and visitors to the bookshop. Not to mention plans for next year, markets and fairs, author events, live music and much more. Keep looking in to find out about everything that is happening in the bookshop in the middle of nowhere.

huge pile of new children's fiction31st August 2013

This is just part of a big pile of new children's fiction which we have bought today to sell in the shop and online once our new website shop is working ( probably next Friday). We have sold a lot of kids books this summer, so its a good purchase to make.

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H.Art: Contemporary Textiles show opening31st August 2013

Last year we have many complaints from both visitors and artists that our Herefordshire Art Week textiles show was only open for 9 days, and with so many other exhibitions on they ran out of time to come and see it.


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Hanging day for Contemporary Textiles H.Art Exhibition30th August 2013

I always get excited when artists start to arrive and put their work up for our exhibitions. Although half of the artists are returning for a second year they have brought very different work with them. In particularly Ruth Issett's latest work which has just come back from an exhibition in Germany is stunning, with wonderful bright warm colours.

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Busy bank holiday weekend28th August 2013

We had a very busy bank holiday weekend with lots of holiday makers and visitors to Presteigne Festival coming into the shop. Very ecletic range of sales and unusual requests ( not many complaints normally about our lack of a section of books on Schubert).

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Aardvark Connection through Courtyard Antiques21st August 2013

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Popped in to Courtyard Antiques in Presteigne on my way distributing publicity for the Vide Grenier on Monday and our forthcoming textile show in September. Courtyard antiques is a superb shop with a wonderful range of ceramics, furniture and curiosities.



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Flavours of Herefordshire21st August 2013

Preparations are underway for this year's Flavours of Herefordshire food festival featuring Paul Hollywood and the Fabulous Baker Boys. Aardvark will again be doing the book siginings at the fair, so please contact us if you require a signed copy of one of Paul or the Boys books.


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Frankfurt Trip20th August 2013

Each year we go to Frankfurt to source stock for the autumn and meet up with publishers to find out what they have coming out over the next year. This year will be particularly interesting as notwithstanding dire predictions sales do seem to have held up better than expected.

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Model Cookery14th August 2013

Just had in a copy of the  Model Cookery and Housekeeping Book, published by Warne;s the publisher of Beatrix Potter amongst others. begins with helpful advice on how to market and what you should have in your kitchen - very like the most cutting edge practical cookery books today, What has changed is what people eat now. Not sure you would have a bestseller in 2013 with a chapter headed 'To melt lard, to pickle pork'.

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English Civil War Society13th August 2013

Back to work and almost immediately we have the English Civil War Society arriving for a two day battle and re-enactment of the siege of Brampton Bryan castle. Lots of books sold, and even more activity in the café and the bar. 600 adults and 300 children came through during the weekend. A big success and a great introduction to the history of the area.

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