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Tania Bruguera (Hyundai Commission)

Tania Bruguera

Catherine Wood

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Book Details:
Publisher:Tate Publishing ISBN:9781849766401 Published Date:2nd October 2018 Dimensions:172 X 240 X 14 mm Weight:0.3801 kilograms Pages:160 Binding:Paperback Illustrations:120 Condition:New Notes:**PAPERBACK**

Short Description

The fourth in a series accompanying annual site-specific commissions at Tate by some of the world's leading artists. The publication reveals the full background behind the making of Tania Bruguera's upcoming installation in the famous Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, as well as a broader survey of the artists' life and work.

Full Description

Since Tate Modern opened in 2000, the Turbine Hall has hosted some of the world's most memorable and acclaimed works of contemporary art, reaching an audience of millions. The way artists have interpreted this vast industrial space has revolutionised public perceptions of contemporary art in the twenty-first century. The annual Hyundai Commission, now in its fourth year, gives artists an opportunity to create new work for this unique context. In 2018 the Hyundai Commission will be undertaken by a Cuban installation and performance artist, Tania Bruguera (b.1968), who is world-renowned for her complex and absorbing performance pieces. Bruguera's work often pivots around issues of authority, power and control, and several of her past works have interrogated and re-presented events in Cuban history. For this new installation Bruguera will be exploring the vitally contemporary issue of immigration and examining how that expands into notions of community and `the neighbourly'.