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Mennyms in the Wilderness (Red Fox older fiction)

Mennyms In The Wilderness

Sylvia Waugh

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Book Details:
Publisher:Red Fox ISBN:9780099424215 Published Date:4th May 1995 Dimensions:110 X 178 X 17 mm Weight:0.1543 kilograms Pages:272 Binding:Paperback Condition:VeryGood

Short Description

A novel featuring the suburban family first encountered in "The Mennyms", which won the "Guardian" Children's Fiction Award in 1994. The Mennyms face crisis as their home is threatened by a motorway development, and they are forced to move to the country, to escape the consequences.

Full Description

The Mennyms are faced with a crisis when plans to build a motorway straight through their home are announced. They've successfully survived living on Brocklehurst Road for forty years, carefully keeping the secret of their rag doll identity under wraps. But news of the motorway forces them to confront a cruel ultimatum- they can be destroyed with the house, or they can move out into the countryside - either way the consequences will be devastating. . . . . . .