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The Last Tree

The Last Tree

Emily Haworth-Booth

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Book Details:
Publisher:Pavilion Children's Books ISBN:9781843654377 Published Date:6th February 2020 Dimensions:214 X 272 X 6 mm Weight:0.3401 kilograms Pages:32 Binding:Paperback Illustrations:Illustrated throughout Condition:New

Short Description

From the author of the success The King Who Banned the Dark, The Last Tree is an arresting tale that feels both timeless and timely.

A group of friends make their home in a forest. After years of happiness, the community begins to build houses and walls. Soon the adults are not curious about the world beyond. Can the children save the last tree?

Full Description

From the author of the phenomenally successful The King Who Banned the


'The Last Tree is a powerful and relevant tale of the potential volatile relationship humanity has with nature ... This is an ideal book for discussing environmental issues with young readers and will be useful in an educational context.'

* Paper Ren *

'A parable of our times, this beautifully illustrated book will appeal to all eco-conscious primary school children and will undoubtedly lead to great dinner table discussions!'

* Children's Books Ireland *

'What an important message this picture book conveys, through its powerful text and its lively and expressive illustrations. How pertinent for our times. How significant that it's the children who find a way to solve the problems that the grown-ups have created. The climate emergency is a source of huge anxiety to children today. They need of course to understand it, but crucially they also need hope, and Emily Haworth-Booth provides it. Recommended.'

* Anne Harding *

'A thought provoking story which captures the concern for our environment which children readily relate to. This book celebrates community and conveys an important message of hope for the future.'

* The Library Lady *

'In a real world that often criticises juvenile rebels such as Greta Thunberg and youth movements such as Extinction Rebellion, The Last Tree very much captures the zeitgeist of our times. This surely will secure it a place in the hearts of children... An instantly accessible and hugely enjoyable book to be treasured by children (and rebellious adults) of all ages.'

* The School Librarian *

'[A] captivating new book about community, nature and kindness ... A perfect bedtime story.'

* Norfolk magazine *

'Beautifully written and illustrated, this story is presented in graphic novel form and reads like a warning fable about our relationship with the natural world and only taking what we need ... can be enjoyed by all ages.'

* Library Girl & Book Boy *

'Beautifully illustrated ... I know 'Last Tree' will promote thinking and discussion from the children, as well as providing them with a thoroughly enjoyable story time.'

* The Teacher Bookworm *

'Soft pencil-crayon drawings in a limited palette have the energetic line and storytelling quality of children's own artwork, and Haworth-Booth's characters inhabit these pages with urgency and vigour. Their 'haunting eco tale' has something important to say and a stylish way of saying it, and will find a welcome place on many shelves.'

* Books for Keeps *

'At times mimicking the scrawly, colouring-in style of children, [Emily Haworth-Booth's] charming drawings... emphasise how key the perspective of young people is in both her fable, and our relationship with the natural world.'

-- Imogen Carter, * The Observer *

'Ultimately celebratory, and beautifully executed with soft pencil crayon drawings, including comic-strip frames, it shows how much a simple story can convey.'

-- Nicolette Jones, * The Sunday Times *

'A timely and inspiring parable.'

-- Imogen Russell Williams, * The Guardian *

'A thought-provoking ecological fable'

-- Fiona Noble * The Bookseller *

'A powerful, inspiring tale about our relationship with the natural world. With echoes of The Lorax, this is a graphic novel that can be enjoyed by younger readers.'

* Angels & Urchins *

'A really powerful book'

* Juno magazine *

A thought-provoking eco-tale, where the children save the day.'

* Creative Steps *

'A powerful, inspiring and thoughtful tale... a mesmerising fable.'

* Lovereading4kids.co.uk *

'Emily Haworth-Booth is fast becoming the queen of the cautionary tale... Stylishly delivered, The Last Tree warns of the perils of taking from the earth, endlessly and greedily and challenges those in power to make the changes that are so desperately needed right now... A thought-provoking depiction of the ripple effects of seemingly small actions... an original, inspired story, replete with sweeping, immersive illustrations, full of movement and expression.'

* The Little Literary Society *

'The Last Tree provides a crucial narrative for our next generation. Looking at our destructive relationship with our natural world and highlighting the consequences of our continued abuse, this offers a timely read. Bound to raise questions and spark much-needed conversation...'

* Picture Books Blogger *

'A brilliant book to introduce kids to the concepts of ecology and saving the environment ... the whole package is extremely engaging [and] classy.'

* Read it Daddy *

'A clever and creative picture book... Haworth-Booth's cautionary fable features an atmospheric palette of muted colours as words and pictures combine into a storytelling odyssey.'

* Lancashire Evening Post *

'A parable of our times, this beautifully illustrated book will appeal to all eco-conscious primary school children and will undoubtedly lead to great dinner table discussions!'

* Children's Books Ireland *

'It takes a very special talent to create fables to encapsulate our crazy times. Emily nails it. It depicts self interest & plundering of natural resources so subtly & masterfully. Brilliant!'

* K Loves Books *

'This is such a clever book that will appeal to readers of all ages ... A beautifully written and perfectly executed parable for our times'

-- A Word About Books