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Candide: New Translation (Alma Classics)

Candide: New Translation

Translated by Sander Berg,Voltaire

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Book Details:
Publisher:Alma Classics ISBN:9781847497284 Published Date:24th October 2018 Dimensions:130 X 200 X 15 mm Weight:0.1000 kilograms Pages:160 Binding:Paperback Condition:VeryGood Notes:**PAPERBACK**

Short Description

This edition of Candide is here presented in a brand-new translation which contains extra material with pictures and a section on Voltaire's life and work.

Full Description

Candide is an innocent young nobleman who leads an idyllic, sheltered life and has adopted the optimistic mindset promoted by his tutor Dr Pangloss. But after committing an indiscretion and being expelled from his family home, Candide finds himself on a journey that will take him to Portugal, Argentina, Britain and Turkey and expose him to torture, war, shipwreck and natural disasters, leading him to question whether he is really living in the "best of possible worlds". Published in 1759, when it became a best-seller and stirred up much controversy, Candide is an exhilarating picaresque romp and a biting satire by one of the Enlightenment's major figures that still resonates to this day.


Voltaire will always be regarded as the biggest name of recent literature, and perhaps throughout all the centuries. -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe