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Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse

Author Unknown

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Book Details:
Publisher:Orion (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd ) ISBN:9780752803166 Published Date:1st April 1996 Dimensions:112 X 176 X 30 mm Weight:0.2995 kilograms Pages:560 Binding:Hardcover Condition:Good

Short Description

The perfect woman... the perfect family... the perfect murder...?

Full Description

Julia told Lomax they had been the perfect family, and Lomax believed her. But Sheriff Murph McLean is convinced she has committed the perfect murder. The circumstantial evidence against Julia is so damning that her attorney advises her to plead guilty to killing her husband and stepdaughter. But Julia says she is innocent. Lomax knows she is - so he sets out to prove it. But as Lomax peels back the layers of deceit he uncovers a picture that is very far from perfect. It is a picture of a broken family, driven by guilt, incest and obsessive jealousy, ready to explode into violence at any moment. And then Lomax stumbles across the darkest secret of all...