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Elizabeth and Her German Garden (Virago modern classics)

Elizabeth And Her German Garden

Elizabeth Von Arnim

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Book Details:
Publisher:Virago Press Ltd ISBN:9780860684237 Published Date:6th July 2000 Dimensions:126 X 196 X 15 mm Weight:0.1996 kilograms Pages:224 Binding:Paperback Condition:Good Notes:**PAPERBACK**

Short Description

*A witty and ecstatic tale of transforming a wilderness into a garden
*By the author of The Enchanted April
*Introduced by Elizabeth Jane Howard

Full Description

May 7th -- There were days last winter when I danced for sheer joy out in my frost-bound garden in spite of my years and children. But I did it behind a bush, having a due regard for the decencies ...'

Elizabeth's uniquely witty pen records each season in her beloved garden, where she escapes from the stifling routine of indoors: servants, meals, domestic routine, and the presence of her overbearing husband ...


An extraordinary work ... idyllic * ELIZABETH JANE HOWARD *
A gem of a book: rare, simple, innocent and charming. I was captivated * SUSAN HILL, GOOD HOUSEKEEPING *
Elizabeth von Arnim is a mistress of irony * LISA ST AUBIN DE TERAN *
She has a wild sense of comedy and a vision - continually thwarted though it was - of potential happiness * PENELOPE MORTIMER *