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Dear Lumpy: Letters to a Disobedient Daughter

Dear Lumpy: Letters to a Disobedient Daughter

Mortimer, Louise

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Book Details:
Publisher:Constable ISBN:9781472109279 Published Date:4th April 2013 Dimensions:138 X 218 X 24 mm Weight:0.3401 kilograms Pages:192 Binding:Hardcover Condition:VeryGood

Short Description

The delightful sequel to Dear Lupin. A collection of letters sent by Roger Mortimer to his youngest daughter, Louise, affectionately known as Lumpy.

Full Description

Dearest Lumpy,

I hope you are plump and well. Your mother bashed her car yesterday and chooses to believe it was not her fault...'

Roger Mortimer's witty dressing-downs and affectionate advice were not only directed at his wayward son, Lupin. Though better behaved than her mischievous older brother, Louise (aka 'Lumpy') still caused her father to reach for his typewriter.

The trials and tribulations of Louise's days at boarding school, her eventful wedding to HotHand-Henry and the birth of his grandchildren are all accompanied by a sometimes chiding, but always loving letter.

Between these milestones, Roger gives updates on the family, pets and the local gossip, holds forth on the weather, road safety, and even suggests the best way to make a gravy soup, all in his own inimitable style.

With the same unique charm and often snort-inducing humour that made Dear Lupin a bestseller, Roger Mortimer guides and supports his daughter through every scrape she found herself in. Hilarious and instantly familiar, Dear Lumpy is a perfect example of the glorious art of letter writing, and the timeless relationship between father and daughter.