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No Tradesmen and No Women: The Origins of the British Civil Service

No Tradesmen and No Women: The Origins of the British Civil Service

Michael Coolican

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Publisher:Biteback Publishing ISBN:9781785904523 Published Date:20th November 2018 Dimensions:161 X 240 X 32 mm Weight:0.6102 kilograms Pages:400 Binding:Hardcover Condition:New Notes:**HARDBACK** In unclipped dustjacket

Short Description

Unique new title examining the history and future of the British civil service.

Full Description

Is our civil service fit for purpose? Michael Coolican takes John Reid's damning statement about the Home Office as his point of departure for a comprehensive overview and evaluation of the machinery behind the government and the people who make public services work on a daily basis. Beginning with Henry VIII's chief minister Thomas Cromwell, Michael Coolican takes us on an odyssey through the history of the British civil service, starting with a time when public positions were sold and traded through Royal Warrant. Coolican examines the radical reforms of the Victorian era which entrenched a culture of elitism, misogyny and distrust of high-quality data as a basis for decision making, that, in some areas, persists to this day. A former high-level civil servant with forty years of experience, Coolican has produced a pithy and, where necessary, ruthless analysis of the civil service and its relationship with government, especially at Cabinet level, bringing to bear detailed and extensive research informed by a true insider.