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Frogs: And Other Amphibians

Frogs and Other Amphibians

Paul Starosta, Teddy Moncuit

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Book Details:
Publisher:Natural Wonders Press ISBN:9781905377053 Published Date:1st October 2006 Dimensions:244 X 342 X 24 mm Weight:1.8194 kilograms Pages:192 Binding:Hardcover Illustrations:120 colour throughout Condition:New Notes:shrinkwrapped **HARDBACK**

Short Description

Features colour photographs of frogs and amphibians of various shapes, sizes and colours.

Full Description

Amphibians appeared on earth 360 million years ago, as the first four-footed animals and pioneers in the conquest of dry land. The water-, land- or tree-dwelling frogs, toads, newts and salamanders of our childhood are but pallid representatives of an infinitely varied family. Having originally trained as a biologist, Paul Starosta decided to combine his two main loves - nature and photography - to, logically, become a nature photographer. In this book he focuses his attention on the incredibly vibrant world of frogs, toads, newts and salamanders. Far from the brown and green slime-dwellers of childhood pond-dippings, the creatures depicted here are positively jewel-like, their colours further enhanced by being photographed against a black background. Teddy Moncuit is a great traveller and nature lover, who has carried out many assignments in the tropics. His texts provide a precise and passionate account of their fantastic adaptation strategies, revealing obscure, surprising, or even tragic asp