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HYDROTHERAPY (HEALING ESSENTIALS): Water Therapy for Health and Beauty (Health Essentials)


Chaitow, Leon

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Book Details:
Publisher:Vega Books ISBN:9781843333821 Published Date:11th April 2002 Dimensions:129 X 195 X 13 mm Weight:0.1361 kilograms Pages:128 Binding:Paperback Illustrations:line illustrations Condition:LikeNew Notes:**PAPERBACK** No stamps or inscriptions; clean condition

Short Description

One of the "Health Essentials" series of practical guides, designed to help the curious newcomer gain a clear understanding of complementary healthcare. Each illustrated volume, on a specific topic, delivers the basic facts about natural therapies and describes how they work for the patient.

Full Description

Designed to help the curious newcomer gain a clear understanding of complementary healthcare, Health Essentials is a series of practical books which give the facts you need to know about natural therapies and describe how they work for you. Exceptionally clear and concise, each text is complemented by attractive illustrations. The profound benefits of hydrotherapy, also known as water therapy, are becoming increasingly recognised. Along with combating stress and stress-related problems such as fatigue, high blood pressure and migraines, its detoxifying properties have been proven to cleanse the system, leading to increased energy and vitality. This practical guide includes: How to create your own health spa; Home hydrotherapy treatments; Detox methods; Advice on consulting a practitioner; How to incorporate hydrotherapy into an optiumum health plan