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The Queen's Counsel Official Lawyer's Handbook

Queen's Counsel: Official Lawyer's Handbook

Alex Williams,Daniel R. White

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Book Details:
Publisher:Biteback ISBN:9781849541701 Published Date:10th October 2011 Dimensions:150 X 222 X 28 mm Weight:0.3811 kilograms Pages:196 Binding:Hardcover Condition:LikeNew Notes:Signed with an original drawing by the illustrator Alex Williams 1st HB 2011 Biteback

Short Description

A collection of the finest and funniest cartoons from the classic Times weekly law strip.

Full Description

The Queen's Counsel is a cartoon satire on law and lawyers appearing on Thursdays in the law pages of The Times. Collecting together the very best of the cartoon strip with the sagest of lawyerly advice The Queen's Counsel Official Lawyer's Handbook is the ultimate guide to surviving a legal career. Tips include: How to get into a top law firm - and stay there Racking up billable hours - the easy way Partnership - you can make it, if you know what to kiss, and whose Understanding what lawyers do - and how to stop them doing it to you.