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Welcome to Aardvark Café! Our Café in the middle of the bookshop is open 7 days a week, 9am-5pm weekdays, 10-5pm Saturdays, 10-4pm Sundays. (Opening hours are the same as the bookshop).

If you wish to book a special occasion tea or coffee party, or light lunch (soup and toasties) - please call us 01547 530744 to discuss your requirements.

NB Booking is essential for groups of 10 or more.

Please inform us of special dietary requests. We usually have gluten-free cakes available, and a dairy-free option, and our homemade event soups are always vegetarian, and often vegan. Don't hesitate to call us if you would like more information.

Valentine's heart-shaped eclairs

Coffee & Walnut cake on plate We are pleased to say our Aardvark Café is getting better known each year. You can order your tea, coffee and cake, or a light soup lunch, perhaps with a croque-monsieur, and have them brought to you as you browse among the specialist art, cookery and gardening books in the bookshop downstairs. Cakes are freshly made at home by Dawn Howe (of the Chic Brocante), and there is always a good range of familiar and less familiar treats often made with fresh local ingredients in season.

Amongst Aardvark Café specialities are the popular dark chocolate and stem ginger tiffin and gluten-free almond cake, as well as the classic Victoria sandwich, coffee and walnut cake, carrot cake and lemon drizzle loaf. We can also provide cream teas with Dawn's delicious fruit scones.

Autumn cakes include apple or and almond; Spring cakes include lemon drizzle, Summer delights feature soft fruits in season.

Special diets: we always aim to provide a gluten -free option in the café, and we can cater for special diets, if you call in advance of your visit.


We are also making homemade soup for our events: a recent hit at the Valentine's Event was Sarah's homemade Pink Cauliflower soup with beetroot; at the Winter Warmer event the homemade mulligatawny soup made to a recipe by Madhur Jaffrey went down well; recent soups include pea and mint, and a homemade leek and potato soup at our Easter 2015 Garden event-a great recipe from Jamie Oliver! His homemade tomato soup has also been a great hit.

For a light lunch or snack, try our Aardvark Croque-Monsieurs! £3 or £3.50

Or, Cheese and Ham Toasties in English (we just call them Crocs)- have them with soup, or just served with a little homemade chutney. Mmm, tasty!
And if you like a tomato  twist, why not try our Croque Royale - Cheese, ham AND tomato! - for £3.50

We serve fine leaf teas and excellent quality coffee from local suppliers:

Teas are provided by Claire Trumper of Trumpers Teas, a local tea merchant in Hereford, whilst Coffee comes from Highground Coffees, which supplies us with excellent Fair Trade coffee. The decaffeinated coffee is produced by the waterwash method, which preserves the flavour and ensures a better quality decaffeinated drink.

Melting Hot Chocolate, and more soft drinks...

We now have Marimba Melts delicious Dark, Milk or White Hot Chocolate, and we do a wicked Junior Hot Chocolate with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate buttons!

Popular in summer are Organic Appleteme apple juice (in stock now!) soft drinks from Fentimans and local supplier Radnor Hills' own soft drinks, and much much more. We also serve Espresso Coffees (including Cappuccinos and Lattes), Soup with bread or a roll, ice-creams in season, toasted Tea Cakes, and assorted crisps and chocolate. Even if you don't like books, there is always a reason to come to Aardvark.






Cakes at Aardvark Café 2017:

Homemade Cake Selection: (£2.40 per portion) Cakes made by Dawn Howe of the Chic Brocante

Our cakes usually include the following, with seasonal variations:

Victoria Sandwich

Fruit, Nut and Seed Flapjack

Blueberry Almond cake (gluten-free)

Coffee & Walnut cake

Dark Chocolate and Ginger Tiffin

Carrot Cake

Lemon Drizzle

Aardvark TEAS - Leaf Teas and infusions £2.20

(Leaf teas supplied by Trumpers Teas, Hereford):




Earl Grey

English Breakfast

(a blend of Kenyan, Assam, Ceylon)

Green Tea (Chinese Pi-Lo-Chun)

Lapsang Souchong

Malawian Oolong


Rwandan White Tea

Aardvark COFFEES - all at £2.30

As well as Cappuccino, Latte, Americano and Espresso coffees, We serve cafetières of Highground Coffee (in order of strength of flavour, mild to strong):

Papua New Guinea - mild, unusual, morning coffee

Colombian De-Caffeinated -The "Lord Byron": a special water-wash decaffeinated coffee, no chemicals used.

Colombian - mild, rounded, most enjoyable

Kenyan Blue Mountain - rounded, smooth, a delightful coffee

Sumatran - perhaps our most popular medium-strength coffee

Brazilian/Honduras blend - strong flavour, full-bodied.

NEW! Ethiopian blend - our strongest flavour coffee!

If you like our Aardvark Coffees, you can buy a 227g pack in the café for £5.50. We also sell Bassanio Coffee Beans, Price: £8.50 per pack of 500g.


Marimba Hot Chocolate Melts - Dark, Milk or White chocolate, with bitter cherry (for the dark hot chocolate) or hazelnut syrup if desired!

Junior Hot chocolate with any or all of the following: cream, marshmallows, chocolate flake bar...

TODAY'S SOUPS (served with Swift's bread, and butter) £3.50

Selection subject to availability, we usually have:

Tomato and Basil

Carrot / Carrot and Coriander

Potato and Leek / Broccoli and Stilton

Chicken / Chicken, Rice & Mushroom

Gluten-free bread is available, please ask.


£3.00, or £3.50 for a Croque Royale

Our toasties with tasty cheese and juicy ham are served with a choice of chutney. Made with Swift's Bakery wholemeal sliced bread. Can be varied: cheese only, ham only, cheese & tomato, ham & tomato, or the Croque Royale combination of Cheese, ham AND fresh tomato... excellent value as a lunch snack, or at any time of day!






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