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Lots going on with events and visitors to the bookshop. Not to mention plans for next year, markets and fairs, author events, live music and much more. Keep looking in to find out about everything that is happening in the bookshop in the middle of nowhere.

'Syrinx and Harp', October Brocante, new titles in store23rd September 2017

In two weeks time Aardvark will be hosting a very exciting event in  this years Arcadia Music Festival - 'Syrinx and Harp' a two part illustrated talk that will explore two different aspects of the musical programme this year.

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False Lights, Tickets for Arcadia Music, Stall bookings for October Brocante16th September 2017

Many thanks to all who helped make yesterday's book launch for Katy's new novel 'False Lights' such a success. Particular thanks to her editor Rosie de Courcy who made the journey out to the wilds of Herefordshire to be there on the night. Seeing Katy's novel grow from the seed of an idea to the final book published by a major publisher has been a great pleasure and delight. Well done to here and to all at her publishers Head of Zeus for such a beautiful production.

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Ludlow Food Festival, False Lights Book Launch, Syrinx and Harp11th September 2017

It is a truth universally to be acknowledged that books and water are a very poor combination, so congratulations to our dedicated team at this year's Ludlow Food Festival for managing to keep everything dry ( except themselves) amongst the frequent showers. Thank you also to Peter Burden who was a superb compere for the 'Literary Ludlow' strand, and to Katy and Glynn from 'Wots Cooking' for their unstinting help and support.

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Why Buy Art?1st September 2017

Meditations on Buying Art for Herefordshire Art Week 2017

With less than two weeks to go before the start of this year's Herefordshire Art Aeek show 'Weft and Warp', I have been thinking about why it is that showing and selling art has become such an important part of what we do at Aardvark. My answer is two-fold: Firstly because we wish to support our local artistic community, and secondly because we enjoy helping to introduce our customers to objects of beauty and/or curiosity.

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Only two days to the Vide Grenier26th August 2017

Only two days to go untill the Vide Grenier and we have record stall bookings and the wonderful Blue Moon Blues band.

Free entry lots to enjoy.

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Civil War Weekend continues, H.Art, Literary Ludlow, Launch of 'False Lights'13th August 2017

Day one of the Civil War Weekend went very well, with a good crowd for both sieges and a very successful Barbacue for the re-enactors in the evening ( you haven't lived until you have made potato salad for 120 hungry Civil War enthusiasts. If you are interested in history, or local history, or just  like witnessing a barny why not come and see us.

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Civil War Weekend Awaits12th August 2017

The doors have just opened and we are welcoming the first visitors to the 2017 Civil War Sieges, organised by Ethel and Arthur in conjunction with the English Civil War Society. This year's event looks like it will be bigger than ever, with an even larger contingent of re-enactors, a larger castle, and new features specially for this year.

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Thank you for best wishes, Re-enactment, History books galore29th July 2017

As some of you may know last Monday Ethel Aardvark was involved in a car crash coming into work. Many thanks to all those who have sent in good wishes. She hopes to start to come back to work part time over the next month. By coincidence one of our customers turned up on the scene immediately after the incident, and may I take this opportunity to thank Lizzy for her kindness and practicality.

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Aardvarks back in the saddle, Jazz Brunch and Sale, Forward to the Re-enactment and the autumn12th July 2017

After two weeks away in la belle France the Aardvarks are back and in the saddle, and looking forward to a summer of great stuff. Many, many thanks to the team for making everything run so smoothly in our abscence ( the shop is looking suspiciously clean, neat and tidy and I am starting to wonder if I myself am the source of the mess and disorder).

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Last weekend of Shropshire Hills Art Exhibition, and opening next week of 'The Solstice'17th June 2017

For any-one who has not had the chance to view our contribution to Shropshire Hills Art Week 'Worlds and OtherWorlds', the exhibition will still be on show all weekend. We have exceeded our previous highest sales total, and it has been wonderful to hear the comments of the many hundreds of visitors who have been through.

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