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Lots going on with events and visitors to the bookshop. Not to mention plans for next year, markets and fairs, author events, live music and much more. Keep looking in to find out about everything that is happening in the bookshop in the middle of nowhere.

Mad May Bank Holiday, Shropshire Hills Art Week, Even More Books27th May 2017

Heading into the  Bank Holiday weekend, the first customers have arrived and I have been making some sales ( including a very nice copy of the 'Northern Pomona' to a customer who has over 20 other Pomonas and fruit books). An overcast morning, but I have hopes of better weather to come. We are looking forward to having a full complement of stalls for Monday's Brocante/Flea Market, so if you have never been to one of our markets, this would be a great time to come.

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Catch up, books and forthcoming exhibitions21st May 2017

It seems like an age since Arthur last put paw to computer to complete a blog, and rest assured that it was not a result of his suddenly putting his paws up and taking a break! Things have been more than usually busy here with two successful exhibitions following immediately upon each other, and some massive stock purchasing resulting in several thousand new titles across all categories hitting the shelves.

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Map exhibition opening, Bank Holiday weekend29th April 2017

Today we opened our 6th annual map exhibition and I am again very pleased with the quality of the maps that we have been able to assemble. There are also some very interesting and instructive comparisons, between key map makers work in the neighbouring counties. I have never for example been able to assemble the Blaeu maps of Shropshire, Herefordshire and Radnorshire in the same exhibition, and seeing them together on a single panel has been a great thrill to me.

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Last weekend of Fire and Earth Ceramics exhibit, excitement ahead of 'Maps and Mansions', big house clearance22nd April 2017

This week has been another madly busy one, not helped by the return of my 2017 cold which has now been with me off and on since the start of the year. Lots of people through the shop, café and exhibition ( we have had to put in for an emergency cake order this morning as we had been eaten almost out of house and home). Many very positive comments about 'Fire and Earth' and numerous additional sales. Again massive thanks to Shannon Donovan and Andrew Eastwood who put so much into making this show possible. Two days left to see it so do not delay!

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An incredible 3 years2nd April 2017

Within the next 48 hours we will reach a sad milestone - three years since the death of my friend and business partner Edward Tobin. If I cannot be more exact it is that no-one can really know when Edward passed away. The events of the evening on which I found him are etched on my brain, but the actual event passed unremarked ( even by Edward himself). It was a gentle quiet death of which ( the medical experts say) he would have known nothing at all.

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CDs, Fire + Eartj1st April 2017

Not sure if I remembered to mention that we purchased quite a larger group of CD's the week before last and these are now all in stock. Lots of fantastic classical CDs at our usual excellent prices.



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Clwyd Art Fund, Shropshire Books, Map Exhibition, Fire and Earth, Stuart Davies25th March 2017

Many thanks to the Clwyd Art Fund who came en masse yesterday to the bookshop and café, before going on to visit Brampton Bryan Hall. Really nice to see the shop so full, and thank you also for all the appreciative comments. Admittedly Ethel's homemade roast vegetable soup is incredibly delicious!

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London Book Fair, Building a Library-'Quartet for the End of Time', Books Books Books! 19th March 2017

Ethel Aardvark spent two very interesting days at the London Book Fair this week, taking the temperature of the book trade, and I myself had a flying visit on Thursday. Amazingly the book trade seems to be in reasonable health albeit with no few clouds on the horizon. Ethel said that the Fair was a wonderful international melting-pot of authors and publishers, and the Booksellers' Association kindly hosted her presence there this year. We bought our usual large haul of art and decorative arts books which are now back at base, and the next week will be spent putting them into stock.

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In memoriam Paul Williams,London Bookfair10th March 2017

We received the sad news a couple of days ago that Paul Williams the electrician both to Aardvark Books and the Mortimer Country Food Fair had died after a long illness. Paul was a massive help to us over the years, and his good nature and practicality became an essential feature of the preparations for Mortimer Country. He always managed to find a solution, and his bills were always extraordinarly reasonable (a great boon for a fair that always teetered on the edge of financial sustainability. Paul also worked in our own home and that of other friends and family. He is a massive loss to the area and to all of us who knew him.

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Blow Up, Borderlines Film Festival, Blow-Up Part 14th March 2017

Yesterday afternoon we bunked off, leaving the shop in Petra's capable hands, and went to catch a performance of Antonioni's Blow -up which was being show as part of this year's Borderlines Film Festival. The Festival has a whole special programme of films this weekend at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms, and Blow-up was the first offering.

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