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Around Our Way on Neighbors' Day

Around Our Way on Neighbors' Day

Fryer Brown, Tameka

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Book Details:
Publisher:Harry N. Abrams, Inc. ISBN:9780810989719 Published Date:3rd August 2010 Dimensions:223 X 284 X 13 mm Weight:0.4310 kilograms Pages:32 Binding:Hardcover Illustrations:32 pages of full-color illustrations Condition:New

Short Description

An exuberant, urban, multicultural celebration of city living as a street party brings people together

Full Description

A little girl celebrates "Neighbors Day" by taking a tour of her urban/Carribbean neighborhood--kids play double-dutch and run after the ice cream man, men debate at the barbershop and play chess, Aunties cook up oxtail stew and other ethnic delicacies, boys play basketball, and jazz floats through the streets. A charming, rhythmic picture book with multi-cultural appeal by a first-time author.