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Battle Lines (Last Good War)

Battle Lines

James Reasoner

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Book Details:
Publisher:Saint Martin's Press ISBN:9780812579178 Published Date:26th April 2002 Dimensions:107 X 173 X 29 mm Weight:0.2042 kilograms Pages:432 Binding:Mass Market Paperback Condition:VeryGood Notes:W35

Short Description

Outside Chicago, World War II is growing and four friends are just beginning their lives as adults. Soon Chicago is a dangerous place and the four friends find themselves fighting for a freedom that threatens to separate them, perhaps forever.

Full Description

Outside of Chicago, four young friends are just beginning their lives as adults. World War II is a growing storm cloud on the horizon, but it hasn't really affected any of them - yet. Then Dale meets a woman who takes his breath away. It seems perfect...until her very jealous, powerfully connected husband finds out. Suddenly, Chicago is a dangerous place, and fighting against the Axis powers is very attractive. So Dale enlists, leaving his intoxicating but married lady behind. Soon the others - Dales's brother and their friends - all join up. The four friends soon find themselves in different theatres of war. Fighting for freedom threatens to separate them, perhaps forever.


." . . intelligent and compassionate." --"Booklist"
"Believable people, doing believable things in unbelievable but very real times, making for one hell of a read."--David Hagberg