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Kunti Korial Bangladeshi Cuisine by Osman, Shawkat ( AUTHOR ) Mar-20-2009 Hardback

Kunti Korial: Bangladeshi Cuisine

Osman, Shawkat

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Book Details:
Publisher:Grantha Corporation ISBN:9781890206024 Published Date:15th October 2008 Dimensions:216 X 264 X 21 mm Weight:0.853 kilograms Pages:144 Binding:Hardcover Illustrations:25 colour photos Condition:New Notes:1st 2009 Grantha HB; new mint copy in stock for immediate dispatch from the UK

Short Description

The theme of this book is aappayon or entertaining the Bangladeshi way. Aappayon is essential to the spread of food which will greet the guests-and this book presents everything that you need to know about Bangladeshi hospitality.

Full Description

The theme of this book is "aappayon", or entertaining the Bangladeshi way. "Aappayon" is essential to the spread of food which will greet the guests. Getting together to share good food is at the centre of "aappayon" -- and everything that you need to entertain the Bangladeshi way is here in this book. It will help you present food on the table and make it pleasurable for both -- the guests to enjoy, and the hostess/host to prepare. The menus are designed to steer you through the procedure of planning a party, selecting the menu and finally preparing the food. It gives a rare insight into the life of the Bangladeshi people and explains various rituals and traditions. Each menu has an opening section detailing the essence of the menu -- and most of the recipes themselves provide detailed information about its main ingredient or some other item of special interest. In addition, the book contains a comprehensive introduction to Bangladeshi cuisine and an exhaustive glossary. The spices and ingredients, uncommon outside Bangladesh, are extensively explained and substitutes have been suggested.


"If you have heard a lot about spicy Bangladeshi cuisine, but don't know how to recreate the magic in your kitchen, here's your chance. A cookbook on Bangladeshi cuisine, with a rare compilation of recipes unique to the region, is all set to be released in Kolkata. -- Jhimli Mukherjee Pandey, The Times of India"