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Cassell's Foreign Words and Phrases

The Cassell's Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases

Adrian Room

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Book Details:
Publisher:Cassell Reference ISBN:9780304350087 Published Date:13th July 2000 Dimensions:162 X 241 X 38 mm Weight:0.9211 kilograms Pages:416 Binding:Hardcover Condition:VeryGood

Short Description

A comprehensive guide to over 4000 foreign words and phrases encountered in English. It covers everyday expressions (bon viveur, pro forma), specialist vocabulary (chiaroscuro, Verfremdungseffekt) and tags and quotations (sic transit gloria mundi, pour encourager les autres).

Full Description

Over 5000 entries, from a priori to Zeitgeist Covers everyday expressions, specialist terms and tags Gives clear definitions and easy-to-use pronunciation guide Includes details of language and date of origin Highlights additional points of historical and etymological interest