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8 Weeks to a Healthy Dog

8 Weeks To A Healthy Dog

Shawn Messonnier

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Book Details:
Publisher:Rodale Books,US ISBN:9781579547257 Published Date:13th September 2003 Dimensions:152 X 213 X 20 mm Weight:0.2722 kilograms Pages:256 Binding:Paperback Condition:LikeNew Notes:W54

Short Description

Shows readers how to extend the life expectancy of their dogs by controlling parasites, controlling diet, and providing opportunities for exercise.

Full Description

8 Weeks To A Healthy Dog is a programme that can be easily implemented and integrated into conventional therapies. It is full of practical regimens and sound veterinary advice to prolong and strengthen the life of your pet. Many health problems can be avoided by this simple 8 week plan which includes: Safe, effective parasite control to rid your dog of worms, ticks and fleas; The latest natural and conventional therapies; Feeding your dog naturally for optimum vitality; National supplements to boost your dog's health and longevity, including antioxidants and enzymes; Healthy exercises for your dog that you both can enjoy; How to wean your pet off potentially harmful drugs