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The Encyclopedia of the Harley-Davidson

The Encyclopedia of the Harley-Davidson

McDiarmid, Mac

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Book Details:
Publisher:Southwater ISBN:9781842154311 Published Date:31st July 2001 Dimensions:226 X 294 X 10 mm Weight:0.6806 kilograms Pages:128 Binding:Paperback Illustrations:400 colour illustrations, glossary Condition:LikeNew

Short Description

A chronological catalogue starting with the first 1903 single to today's VR1000 superbike racer. It includes colour photographs of each featured model and covers classic and major models, as well as more obscure, short-lived oddities.

Full Description

A visual catalogue of every major (and minor) Harley model ever produced, from the first single of 1903 to the VR1000 racing superbike of 2ist century. Every machine is illustrated in colour photography with detailed information on technical specifications, key design elements, engineering standards, notable attributes and the particular history of the make. The numerous machines featured range from the classic to the obscure. The directory includes not only the instantly familiar Glides, Sportsters, Low Riders and Racers, but also lesser-known vehicles that include the mass-produced lightweight singles of the 60's and 70's, short-lived scooter models, and the oddity that is the Harley Snowmobile. A glossary is provided to help with some of the more technical jargon, together with a brief explanation to finding your way around Harley-Davidson's cryptic model codes.