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Lots going on with events and visitors to the bookshop. Not to mention plans for next year, markets and fairs, author events, live music and much more. Keep looking in to find out about everything that is happening in the bookshop in the middle of nowhere.

Extending deadline for job offer, 'The Garden', Sale Tent31st January 2016

We have had a good number of CV's sent us for the position at Aardvark, but we are still interested in receiving more. For this reason we have extended the application deadline until the 12th of February. So if you would like to work here - or know someone who you think would be suitable - you now have two weeks to send in a CV and covering letter.


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Wonderful Royal Ballet, less than wonderful politicians28th January 2016

Tuesday night found the Aardvarks in Tenbury Wells at the wonderful Regal Cinema, for the live screening of their Ashton programme of 'Rhapsody' and 'Two Pigeons'. In the first part of the programme Natalia Osipova was truly extraordinary - her upper body gracefulness and the speed of her movement are exceptional. The second part of the programme 'Two Pigeons' is just such a charming and insightful work. Just a fantastic evening, and the cinema itself with its italianate decoration and art deco exterior and foyer, adds to the whole experience.

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Last weekend of sale - but don't despair23rd January 2016

It is the last weekend of the Aardvark sale, but don't despair because we are going to keep open our £0.50 special book tent for another week or so (it was simply too cold to go into the tent last weekend). Many, many bargains there with children's books at an even cheaper £0.20!

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Bookshop and Café Person required21st January 2016

As you may know, we are looking for a bookshop person to join our team at Aardvark Books at the end of February 2016. Here is the job advertisement, followed by the job description; if you are interested in working for us please read on!

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B is for Bludgeon, Beaton, Bentley, Berkeley, Martin Beck and Burke17th January 2016

B is for Bludgeon, Beaton, Bentley, Berkeley, Martin Beck and Burke.

Bludgeon is a word of wonderful and almost onomatopoeic weight. I was surprised, then, to learn that its first recorded appearance in verbal form was not until 1868. Even its use to mean a cudgel or heavy stick dates only to the first half of the 18th century. This is a word that requires further study. In detective stories many victims are bludgeoned to death – for example the general in Agatha Christie’s novel now known as And Then There Were None. In real life, the driver of the train in the Great Train Robbery was bludgeoned with a metal bar and was said never to have recovered. Bludgeoning is quick, relatively quiet and its effects are suitably macabre. Perfect for the detective story.

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First day of aardvark sale, job applications, cold weather, thoughts on the year16th January 2016

Today is the first day of the Aardvark instore sale. In addition to our usual fantastic reductions we are offering an extra 10% off on all purchases ( including cards etc). We also have specials in store and the return of our bargain tent with all adult books at £0.50 and kids books at an incredible £0.20. And there are also other bargains throughout the shop. How could you resist.


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CVs, Sale and more and more books15th January 2016

Cvs are starting to come in for the bookshop assistant job, but there is still lots of time to apply ( deadline is the 5th of February). We are particularly interested in talking to any-one who has experience of selling online, or who has a background in retailing.

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A is for Alibi, Ames, Allingham and Ambler9th January 2016

A is for Alibi, Ames, Allingham, and Ambler

No good detective story is without its suspects, and nothing is more critical to a detective’s procedure than working out flaws in a suspect's alibi. There are many great novels that feature creative use of the alibi (Sue Grafton even called the first of her alphabetical stories ‘A is for Alibi’), but my favourite is probably ‘The Hollow’ by Agatha Christie.

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More books for 20169th January 2016

Out again last night buying books, with more calls booked for the next week, 2016 book buying has got off to a great start. Many interesting titles relating to politics and the Far and Middle East, as well as some good general titles. Best of all was the 'Histoire de Perse' by Louis André Mamye de Clairac, published in three leather volumes in Paris in 1750. A very handsome book, in excellent condition.

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Change, Change, Change8th January 2016

Lots of changes for 2016 with fresh plans for Aardvark Events and some news on the Aardvark team. Holly, who has been with us for a year, will be leaving in early Spring to work full time as an artist. She will be featured in a forthcoming BBC Countryfile this January, as well as in our 'Garden' Exhibition at Easter. She has been brilliant, and we are hoping that she will still come back to help us out for the odd day from time to time.

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20162nd January 2016

After a wonderful day off eating Christmas cake and reading a very interesting book on the Ottomans, Arthur Aardvark is back at work, only to be confronted by a large pile of online orders and various queries from prospective purchasers.

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