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Lots going on with events and visitors to the bookshop. Not to mention plans for next year, markets and fairs, author events, live music and much more. Keep looking in to find out about everything that is happening in the bookshop in the middle of nowhere.

As You Like It, the return of the sun28th February 2016

A wonderful bright sunny morning here at Aardvark Towers. And what is more the fire lit first time. Hurray. Last night the Aardvarks went to Leominster to see a not so live screening of Thursday's National Theatre production of 'As You Like It'.

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Saturday Morning, the wonder of David Sedaris, Carter Dickson27th February 2016

My morning drive this Saturday was near perfect - no traffic and Radio 3 CD Review playing Dvorak. Once here the fire lit instantly and the phone did not ring off the hook, meaning that I was able to start picking the overnight online orders before the first customer arrived.

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More and more and more books, Lucie starting, 'The Garden'26th February 2016

I seem to have managed to buy some books everyday this week, and next week looks like being even busier. Amongst the new titles are lots of detective stories (Christie, Allingham etc), travel, a small T E Lawrence collection, some sci-fi and much more besides. Meanwhile I am still trying to work through the medieval library I bought last week, and there is the prospect of a big collection of art books the week after next. All and all life is very busy chez Aardvark. Fortunately given the number of books coming into the premises, traffic in the opposite direction has also been fairly brisk (amazingly so for this time of year), and a customer surprised me at 5 minutes to 9.00am with a request for children's books.

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Stunning sunny day, thoughts on London and being a country mouse23rd February 2016

An absolutely stunning morning in Brampton Bryan, and perhaps as a result the first customer arrived for the café before 9am, when I was just clearing the ash from the woodburner. Brampton Bryan on a crisp and sunny winter morning is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and I never fail to marvel how lucky we are to be able to spend our days here.

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Death of Mary Campbell, CD Review and R3 Schizophrenia, Wes Montgomery and Milt Jackson, fantastic academic library purchase20th February 2016

It was with great sadness that I opened my email this morning to news of the death of Mary Campbell, a very supportive customer and a staunch member of H.Art and other local art groups and circles. Mary's funeral will take place at 1pm on Monday the 29th of February at Leintwardine Church, and I am sure that many of those who knew her will wish to attend. I have many memories of Mary in the shop, and I particularly remember her kind words when I told her of Edward's death nearly two years ago.


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Great Valentine's Day, Cimarosa, Friday Night Lights, Exciting News of Aardvark Appointment16th February 2016

Thank you again to Gareth Rees-Roberts, Annie Thompson, and the Aardvark team for their hard work on Sunday's Valentine's market. A cold but sunny day brought out lots of people, and they heard Gareth play a wonderful suite of Latin American guitar music (I am afraid he told me the composers, but I foolishly did not write them down). Overall a great start to our events programme for the year.

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Valentine's Day is upon us14th February 2016

The Valentine's Day event has just opened and the first visitors are arriving. Sarah Rogers has a wonderful chocolate display, and Bronte Woodruff is greeting visitors with a wonderful display of her cards and small art pieces.

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Any Questions, Valentines Day, Jacques Rivette, James Lee Burke13th February 2016

Last night the Aardvarks were part of a large audience at the Hereford Royal National College for the Blind, for BBC Radio 4's Any Questions. A very slick operation and what a pleasure to see David Blunkett - an alumnus of the college - whose humour and humanity transcend the political divide.

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Two good pieces of news, Valentine's Day, Changes to tax reporting for small businesses and the self-employed, Working at Aardvark, 12th February 2016

The news has been so grim recently, that I was pleasantly surprised to see two small pieces of good news - and both of them book related. Firstly sense has at last been seen and the Cambridgeshire phone box library has been reprieved. And apparently it never needed planning permission. Who would have thought it ? Well, yes - the entire world, but as I have learnt myself from dealing with bureaucracy, whilst commonsense is in short supply, mindless adherence to rules seems to be widely available.

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D is for Doyle, Davis, Dexter, Deaver, Carter Dickson, Dunant, Durbridge, Dodge and Dickens 6th February 2016

When I began my A-Z of crime fiction, I quickly realized that the letter C was going to prove almost as large a task as the rest of the alphabet combined. For this reason - and due to an innate cowardice - I am going to skip 'C' for the moment and come back to it when I have completed the herculean task of compiling a full list. So I am today taking on 'D', which is itself no lightweight.

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