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Lots going on with events and visitors to the bookshop. Not to mention plans for next year, markets and fairs, author events, live music and much more. Keep looking in to find out about everything that is happening in the bookshop in the middle of nowhere.

Brocante well underway!30th May 2016

An early start for every-one this morning, and a late evening finishing off today's delicious French Onion Soup. Last summer the Aardvarks visited Brittany and onions and onion soup are very much on the menu there ( along with numerous savoury and sweet crepes). In the end we have adapted the Bretagne recipe with a secret ingredient - the finest Herefordshire Perry!

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Opening times over Bank Holiday Weekend and Half Term29th May 2016

I have been taking quite a few calls over the last few days to confirm our opening times over this weekend and the Half-Term holiday. Just to confirm we will be open as usual everyday ( and indeed our next scheduled day to be closed is Christmas Day), so you have no excuse! Opening times during the week are 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 10am-4pm.

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Arcadia, Vivaldi, Flea Market, Bank Holidays28th May 2016

Like the labours of Hercules, the clearing of the warehouse ready for Bank Holiday Monday's flea market, was a task at once unimaginable and imperitive. Much thanks for the brave souls who saw it through and we are now all ready for Monday with a clear clean warehouse and two tents erected.


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Bliss was it in that Dawn to Be Alive27th May 2016

Driving into work this morning, Brampton Bryan looked at its most stunningly beautiful - not to contradict Wordsworth, but it was even more beautiful last night when I walked my dog in the Park. As some visitors from Derbyshire were saying to me yesterday, this truly is an extraordinary part of the countryside to visit or indeed live in.

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Last day of the map exhibition; thinking about 'An Actor's Life'15th May 2016

I can't believe that today is the last day of this year's map exhibition. Yesterday we had a flurry of visitors and sales, and this morning I was greeted by a couple from the far side of the county who had driven specially to see it. Many questions about whether we plan to do another exhibition next year. All I can say is that I hope to do so, but as ever it is dependent upon finding the maps which is getting increasingly difficult to do.

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Non-Marches Interloper for last week of map exhibition10th May 2016

During our annual map shows we always like to do something different for the last week. In some years this has meant having an additional event such as a talk. This year we are showing a stunning 16th century map of France by Laurent Fries.

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Slow morning8th May 2016

Yesterday we finally managed to file the hideous VAT, so not withstanding the dull start everything seems brighter. Sue our new occasional team member has come in to give me a hand processing some of the immense backlog (which last week's trip to the auctions has not helped), and the rare absence of customers has given me a chance to have a chat about what's happening next.

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Wonderful Carlos Acosta6th May 2016

A quick trip to Birmingham yesterday to see Carlos Acosta on the farewell tour he has organised with other dancers from Cuba. What a sensational dancer he still is, and what a loss to the performing arts his retirement has been. Still he has many plans for the future, including building a new school for the the Cuban National Ballet.

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Maps Exhibition Opened, Awful weather, Cozy Fire1st May 2016

So yesterday we had the map show opening and the usual scrum of buyers, and I am glad  to say more than a smattering of red dots. Many thanks as ever to those who have helped us principally Martin Blant, Shannon Donovan and Andrew Eastwood and Stephen Bainbridge.

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