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Lots going on with events and visitors to the bookshop. Not to mention plans for next year, markets and fairs, author events, live music and much more. Keep looking in to find out about everything that is happening in the bookshop in the middle of nowhere.

The pleasures of selling a special book30th August 2015

When you run a bookshop, all books - like all customers, have to be equal. One should derive as much pleasure from selling an Agatha Christie, as selling a rare 18th century tome. But we are all human and I confess that I was extremely pleased to sell a rare Duoglott English and Welsh Bible yesterday.

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The pleasures of Spenser29th August 2015

It is years since I last read Robert Parker, but when an old Parker - the Godwulf Manuscript - arrived in with the big collection of detective stories I mentioned in the last blog, I couldn't resist reading him again. Although Godwulf is Parker's first novel in the series, it is as if Spenser arrived fully formed. Parker's prose is never showy, notwithstanding his protagonist's literary predilictions.

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Vide Grenier, H.Art, Non-stop activity28th August 2015

Since this is my first blog for a few days I thought I would start by recommending the excellent programme on Pop Art on BBC4 a few nights ago. Should be available on IPlayer for a month or  so. Alongside the usual culprits - and would arts documentarists stop saying that Richard Hamilton was undiscovered and unknown! - there were some really interesting segments on PopArt outside Britain and America. Three cheers for the BBC.


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Phew!22nd August 2015

What a fantastic weekend we had with the ECWS, and incredibly everybody can't wait for them to come back in 2 years time. This year we had nearly 160 re-enactors which made for the most realistic battle scenes, and the addition of more cannons and the small troop of  cavalry made a big difference. Altogether a really satisfying weekend, witnessed by our biggest gate for a re-enactment weekend.

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Re-enactment under - our biggest ever15th August 2015

After two years work the 2015 Brampton Bryan English Civil War Society Re-enactment is now underway. This year we have our biggest ever contingent of re-enactors, and our largest ever Living History Village. With large sieges promised at 12noon and 3pm on each day, this truly is a fantastic event.

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Extraordinary evening at Brecon9th August 2015

A quick blog to say that the aardvarks are today recovering from the most extraordinary concert last night at Brecon Jazz. Taraf de Haidouks are a Romanian Gypsy Brigand band, and  their music is quite unlike anything I have ever heard before. I am still not sure whether I enjoyed the evening or not, but it was certainly an incredible experience. The music is played mostly at great speed and the combo are often straining at the outer edges of cacophony. If you have ever wondered what three accordions played at the same time sound like, wonder no more.


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Summer Lightning8th August 2015

Like summer lightning one's ideas on warm summer days strike randomnly and even without warning. Here are a few thoughts that have occurred this morning.

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Great opening!1st August 2015

Really successful opening for 'Crossing the Border', good crowd and so super sales too boot! A really interesting and varied show, so do try to visit over the next two weeks if you can. Feeling very cheerful - except for all the glasses that need washing.

Tomorrow is Scarecrow Sunday, so lets hope for another good crowd then as well.


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