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Lots going on with events and visitors to the bookshop. Not to mention plans for next year, markets and fairs, author events, live music and much more. Keep looking in to find out about everything that is happening in the bookshop in the middle of nowhere.

Post Christmas Thoughts27th December 2015

Was invited onto Hereford and Worcester Radio on the day before Christmas Eve, following a very kind plug from a customer. Amazingly they allowed me 5 whole minutes to ramble on on the subject of childrens books, and why books can be an important part of all our lives.

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Japanese Single book bookshop23rd December 2015

Wonderful article in today's guardian about a bookshop that only sells one book at a time ( ).

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Busy day19th December 2015

Just when I thought that Christmas orders had dried up, I came in this morning to a big pile of new internet orders. It's a truism, but Christmas really does get later every year. My first customer arrived 15 minutes before the shop opened, and it has been like that pretty much ever since. Obviously the dull weather has persuaded people to come out, and what better place to head for than Aardvark Books with its roaring woodburner.

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Christmas 201518th December 2015

And so just like that it ended. The great flood of online Christmas orders suddenly ebbed away, and order numbers returned to a more normal quantity. All this week we have been posting most orders first class, so I hope that even today's orders will arrive in time for the big day.

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Books and opening times update13th December 2015

Just a quick blog to say that yesterday I put on another 100+ of the art books we recently bought, and I aim to finish putting on the rest today. These books have been selling well - both online and in the shop - but we still have some fantastic titles left. Some of these are selling in the shop for a fraction of what other online sellers are charging, so there truly are bargains galore. Yesterday I also put on some mountaineering and science titles, and there will be many more books going on over the next week or so ( my recent purchasing has truly been somewhat out of control!)

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Flaxman the magnificent; Christmas idea; last chance to see12th December 2015

Every year we purchase thousands of books at Aardvark, and almost all of them have something of interest about them. It may be the author, or the subject, occasionally it is a link to a previous owner. Yet although we purchase many good books, each year there are only truly a few great books that join the inventory. For a book to be great it needs to tick several boxes. The text must be interesting ( this above all), the author must be first rate, and then the book itself needs to be a thing of beauty in its own right. This is a high bar to pass, and when I was called to look in a car boot full of books yesterday, I did not expect that any of them would be able to vault over it.

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Fantastic day, beautiful morning7th December 2015

A brilliant day yesterday with  the Christmas Fair. Good turnout - particularly given the weather and that there were a number of rival events on - and good sales in the bookshop and amongst most of the stallholders. Many thanks to all who braved the conditions ( particularly those exhibitors who set up on Saturday afternoon when the wind was at 70+ miles an hour), and an especially big thanks to Dutch Lewis and his trio who played almost non-stop from 11,20 to 3pm when the event ended. A wonderful start to Christmas.


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So many art books and all for sale at incredible prices5th December 2015

A flying mid-week trip to London resulted in the purchase of 1,000 art books from a variety of art publishers including Prestel, Lars Muller, Booth Clibborn, Merrell and others. Books on Fine Art, Design, Interior Design, Architecture and Photography - some hard to find rarities and some lovely classic coffee table books. Altogether a delight for any-one interested in art.

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