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Bookshop and Café Person required

Bookshop and Café Person required

 Are you interested in working at Aardvark Books?

We are looking for a Bookshop and Café person to join our hardworking team!



at AARDVARK BOOKS & CAFE, Brampton Bryan




Bookshop administrator wanted to manage online selling and bookshop processes, to serve customers in the café and help to run our busy events programme.

Hours: Minimum 30 hours/week (shop hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday); flexibility and some weekend working required.

Starting rate: £7.20 / hour

Start date: Monday 22nd February 2016

Closing date for applications: 12 noon Friday 12th February 2016


You will need to be sociable and presentable, have experience of retail sales and customer service, and good accuracy with basic figures and spelling (GCSE Maths and English, Grade C or above). Minimum A Level standard education, and ICT skills necessary: WP, handling databases/spreadsheets, email, and familiarity with internet selling. Good general knowledge and an interest in books are required as are flexibility, cheerfulness and enthusiasm.


To apply, please send covering letter and CV to: Sheridan Swinson, Director, Aardvark Books Ltd, The Bookery, Manor Farm, Brampton Bryan, Nr Bucknell, Shropshire SY7 0DH; Send by email c/o Sarah Swinson: ethelaardvark@btconnect.com.


Job Description and Person Specification






Bookshop administrator wanted to manage online selling and bookshop processes, to serve customers in the café and help to run our busy events programme.


Hours: Minimum 30 hours/week, (Shop hours are 9am-5pm Mon-Fri); flexibility & some weekend working required. Starting rate: £7.20 / hour


Start date: Monday 22nd February 2016


Closing date for applications: 12 noon Friday 12th February 2016






1. Managing online selling processes


  1. Picking online orders and processing them; managing customer email queries; using Monsoon (a pricing database programme); preparing and uploading data to Aardvark Books website and other online platforms

  2. Cataloguing stock for online sale; cleaning and repairing books, listing & describing accurately and assessing price levels

  3. Keeping up to date with email, communicating with carriers, clients and suppliers

  4. Putting books physically into stock; arranging shelves and tidying


2. Bookshop and Café Sales


  1. Serving customers in both the bookshop and the café;

  2. Answering telephone and handling enquiries and telephone sales

  3. Handling cash and credit card transactions, cashing up, keeping records of sales

  4. Serving food and drink in café; maintaining clean working environment, keeping displays tidy and monitoring stock

  5. Ordering and monitoring stock; generating and managing special customer orders in bookshop

  6. General duties such as lighting and maintaining the woodburner, printing online orders, keeping café clean & tidy etc

  7. Greetings cards and stationery; ordering cards from suppliers; processing orders for Aardvark cards from distributor; stock monitoring

  8. Warehouse supervision and shop display management; maintaining an orderly and attractive environment

  9. Gallery Sales; maintain sales records for art exhibitions, arrange receipts, encourage purchasers


Finally, candidates should be demonstrably honest and of good character, be well-presented, have excellent social skills, show an interest in books, be able to handle responsibility and work under pressure in a busy environment.




To apply, please send CV to: Sheridan Swinson, Director, Aardvark Books Ltd, The Bookery, Manor Farm, Brampton Bryan, Nr Bucknell, Shropshire SY7 0DH; Send by email c/o Sarah Swinson: ethelaardvark@btconnect.com






Essential Qualities

Desirable Qualities


  • Responsibility, honesty, punctuality & reliability, flexibility and willingness

  • Neat, clean and presentable appearance

  • Ability to keep calm under pressure and to work fast, accurately and keep cheerful

  • Good memory and an eye for detail

  • Sociability – excellent communication skills, in person, on email and on the telephone;

  • Ability to deal politely with people without discrimination or prejudice

  • Working co-operatively with others

  • Ability to take initiative when necessary

  • Confidence when working alone

  • Good level of physical fitness: ability to cope with working in a large retail space and warehouse, lifting & carrying books

  • Good, accurate record-keeping

  • Good organisational skills



  • High standards of personal discipline

  • Excellent personal, visual & presentation skills

  • Excellent memory and attention to detail


  • Excellent sales manner when communicating with customers in all media

  • Being an excellent "people" person; welcoming people from all walks of life and responding with sensitivity to their needs

  • Ability to manage stressful situations and ensure positive outcomes

  • Being an excellent team player

  • Adaptability; ability to manage a team when required

  • Excellent and consistent record-keeping

  • Excellent organisational skills

Education & Skills

  • Good literacy and numeracy; accuracy with basic figures and spelling: GCSE Maths and English, Grade C or above

  • Minimum A Level standard education

  • ICT proficiency: confidence with all aspects of WP, handling databases/spreadsheets, internet and email programmes essential

  • Good general knowledge

Education & Skills

  • Degree an advantage

  • Excellent ICT skills an advantage

  • Understanding of publishing and the book industry an advantage

  • Familiarity with art, history, and the literary world

  • Understanding of basic bookkeeping processes

  • Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate


  • Cash handling – demonstrably honest and reliable

  • Retail sales/ customer service– experience of face-to-face and online sales

  • Demonstrable interest in books and literature


  • Retail sales management;

  • Online sales management;

  • Work in book-related industry.

  • Events work or events co-ordination

  • Management of information systems /databases

  • Catering experience





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